Stowe Jim Bation Radio Ministries, Inc.

S. E. C. Reg. #: CN201614376 I Reaching the Philippines for Christ! I 15 Years

A Filipino Evangelist preaching over radio stations in the Philippines today. He also do Evangelistic Crusades elsewhere the archipelago especially in Visayas and Mindanao and some part of Luzon.

It was in July 2002 when Ptr. Stowe Jim Bation started to preach on radio, and until now is still effective in God's providence. This organization has become one of the still growing and successful Christian group in the Philippines.

He started to preach in the following radio stations: DYDD Cebu, DYHH Bogo City, Cebu, DYZZ Guihulngan, Negros Oriental, DXDC Davao city, DXBC Butuan City and DXRS Surigao City.

Years passed he was able to preach in the distinguised radio stations in Cebu City: DYHP and DYSS. But he stopped preaching DXRS Surigao and DXBC Butuan because DYHP and DYSS can be heared in Surigao and in Butuan.

Last October 2010 he preach in DWBL Metro Manila but he stopped last February 2011 because of financial problem. Last September 2011 he also ceased to preach in DXDC Davao for the radio station management decided to unaccept paid broadcast. - yet God is so good that in every doors that closed another will be opened for more and more opportunity. Ptr. SJ Bation now is preaching in DXUM Davao City.

It is our desire to continue to preach the Gospel in many more stations. In fact, we have now project to build our own Radio Stations to spread more the Gospel so that many would be able to listen and understand the Word of God that will cause of changing their lives, therefore living in Christ.




Psalms 51:12

Have the cares of this life and the chaotic condition of our world
caused us to lose the joy of our salvation?
But we can pray as Psalmist David prayer...
"Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation"...


a. Forgiveness brings freedom from the bondage of sin, from guilt
and fear of the judgement.
But where is the joy of pardon?

b. Resentments, guilts [real or false] neglect of GOD's WORD,
and overwork cause a lack of joy.
When we lay these humbly before the LORD and pray,
"Psalms 51:12" HE will [ 1 Peter 1:8]


a. Christian joy depends upon a total commitment to GOD =no
holding in reserve of certain favorite possessions of pursuits.

b. Complete surrender to GOD releases us from worry.
GOD holds our future.The responsibility of our life belongs to HIM.

c. Through total commitment the HOLY SPIRIT fills us with GOD's love
Loving GOD and others restore to us the joy of salvation.[ACTS 15:9]


a. Today's world is seeking for peace,trying to attain serenity and security
with power, possessions and pleasure.

b. Human endeavor can never bring satisfaction to the longing soul.
Psychologists said that man's basic needs are '' the need to belong''
and '' the need for reasonable security''.

c. Christian ''belong'' to the KING of kings who supplies our needs and
promises eternal life.
We rejoice because in CHRIST we have peace of mind and soul.[ PHIL. 4:7]


a. When christians neglect, make excuses, or flatly refuse to participate in performing
GOD's work, where is the joy?

b. Christians are endued by the HOLY SPIRIT with power for service.
In doing GOD's work we recieve the joy of the LORD.[ACTS 1:8]

c. TO know the LORD, to have assurance of salvation, to claim HIS love and
HIS promises, to serve HIM with our givings [ tithes and givings for GOD's work]
and to reflects HIS love to others.
This is where the joy of salvation be found. [HEBREWS 12:2]


Now is the T-I-M-E

''Behold, now is the accepted time; behold now is the day of Salvation." 2 Cor. 6:2

Now is the time to give our attention to the things of God.

1. T-U-R-N to the Lord. Acts 26:20

a. Now is the time to turn to the Lord.
Millions are turning to education, science and psychology only to become more frustrated.
Christ is the answer to earth's problems.

b. God often works through other people-doctors, lawyers, loved ones, friends
but our ultimate help must come from the Lord.
Trust Him.

c. Forgiveness and cleaning are ours.
When we repent and commit our life to God.[1 John 1:9]
Now is the time to keep our eyes on Christ.[Hebrews 12:2]

2. I-N-V-E-S-T in the Lord. Matthew 6:20-21

a. Millions are investing in temporal possesions-houses, cars, gadgets, galore, etc.
They pursue things that wear out, rust and decay.

b. God demands first place in our life.
He expects us to be faithful in worship and to help finance the needs and out reach of the church.

c. We invest in the Lord when we work for the salvation of souls.
Earthly treasures do not last, but spiritual treasures are of eternal value [1 Timothy 6:17]

3. M-A-R-C-H with the Lord. 2 Timothy 2:3

a. A good soldier is loyal, denying himself of personal pleasure and profit.
He must march enduring hardship for the love and protection of his country.

b. Now is the time for christians to advance as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.
Sacrifice, loyalty, courage and love are needed.

c. March with the Lord.
Witness to the unsaved to HIS saving, sanctifying, satisfying, sustaining and stabilizing power[2 Timothy 2:2]

4. E-N-D-U-R-E for the Lord. Matthew 24:13

a. Too often christians give up when contrary winds blow and storm clouds arise.

b. We need never give up in despair .
When shaken and distured, hold to Christ.
When we slip HIS hand will steady and strengthen us.

c. Christians who are endure for the Lord in this life shall rejoice with HIM in the life to come [Revelation 2:10]



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Greetings in the matchless name of JESUS CHRIST our LORD and SAVIOR'.

We, the brethren of FILL THE GAP CHURCH MINISTRIES INC., duly registered with Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] with Reg. No. 161112 would like to encourage you to be a part of GOD's ministry by being our partner in GOD's work.

Our mission as a church aims to deliver the message of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST and to share the redemptive power of HIS death and resurrection to all men as a divine ordinance set forth by the WORD of GOD.We believe that by proclaiming the message of hope and salvation in our SAVIOR an inner transformation of man's being will bring about a change in one's self and consequently the society in which one lives.

In consonanse with our government's effort of rehabilitating our society's moral well being through it's Moral Recovery Program [MRP], we on our part desire to be of service to our local constituents by ministering in the sphere of spiritual renewal through PUBLIC CRUSADES, ON AIR RADIO PROGRAMS inspired by the spirit of evangelism. And also nurturing the people through teaching GOD's WORD in our local church services so that our lives will be fitted again on what GOD has already designed, planned and purposed. Which is to walk and live in line to HIS perfect will.

In this connection, we would like to invite you to become one of our partners for the enlargement of GOD's teritory here on earth by sending us any amount
that you can cheerfully and willingly give for GOD's ministry. Knowing that GOD's desire is to bless us always.

MORE POWER to you and GOD bless us continually. AMEN...

Continuing in GOD's love and service,
Stowe Jim B. Bation






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